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Short Stay Home

The Rose Manor Short Stay home is for women and girls. Located at Vengara, Malappuram District, the home rehabilitates women in distress, who are victims of exploitation, traffic, marital disharmony, unwed mothers, and those in familial discord. The home admitted 30 persons to its folds in the year 2009-2010. Eighteen women and children were discharged after a period of stay from six months to three years.

The major activities of this short stay home includes Short Stay, counseling, Legal Help, vocational training, and awareness programs. Customized counseling is performed on a regular basis, based on the nature of the problem. Apart from individual counseling, family members are also counseled based on the nature of their problems.

The short stay home is committed to the uplift of the admitted women by rehabilitating them successfully into a secure social life. Rehabilitation is performed as per the nature of their problems. While some women were restored to their parents/ husband, others joined higher studies or pursued gainful employment. A few others were admitted to other institutions.

Inmates of the short stay home were given vocational training on trades like tailoring, embroidery, handicraft making, soap making, candle making etc. In addition to vocational training, awareness programs were also conducted among these women on topics like health, family education, sex education etc, in association with popular bodies like Anganwadies, the health department, field publicity department and various counseling centres. Adolescent awareness programs for girls were conducted at Oorakam Panchayath, Melmuri,  Valiyora, Kottakkal, Valiathur and Chettiparamba.  Officials from the Kerala State Social Welfare Board visited the short stay home and recorded satisfaction in its daily affairs.

Inmates of the short stay home are given free medical assistance for all kinds of diseases. Mandatory medical check-up against STDs and other sexual diseases are also performed here. Inmates are also provided formal and non formal education, apart from awareness programs.